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Salmiya, Kuwait

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Job description

About the opportunity

This role is responsible for Riders/Staff Training, identifying the training needs of riders and staff, and developing and organising programs to meet those needs.

What's On Your Plate?

  • Conduct training sessions with new onboarded riders and staff in areas such as Rider experience, quality, health & Safety, Rider’s engagement, equipment, and riders’ applications.

  • Conduct “train the trainer” courses for staff to improve training quality.

  • Establishing and enforcing rules, regulations, policies, and procedures related rider trainings and experience

  • Assisting in disputes or conflicts with 3PL’s Supervisors to help them reach a resolution or peacefully resolve the situation.

  • Conducting performance evaluations and providing feedback to team for them to grow.

  • Coaching associate trainers in areas such as conflict resolution, de-escalation techniques, communication, company policing, and cultural awareness.

  • Conducting research on new technologies to improve training efficiency and rider quality in the market.

  • Documenting all training activities and follow up on trainees to ensure they are working properly; retrain in case they have any issue.

  • Assessing the effectiveness of training through testing, review of results & trainee feedback

  • Ensures & improves quality of riders (behaviour, appearance, and quality)

  • Assist on rider equipment and local inventory management.

  • Assist line manager on onboard and eng


What Did We Order?

  • Bachelor's degree in Logistics or any other related field.

  • 1-3 Years of full-time experience as a Training Specialist or professional (not necessarily driver training)

  • Flexibility and ability to work under pressure

  • Proficient in Google Suite tools like GDoc, GSheet, GSlides, GForms, etc

  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal. English and Arabic language proficiency is mandatory.

  • Influencer and a negotiator with good public speaking and presentation skills

  • People management skills: Experience in managing bigger groups of people

Who we are

As the region’s leading local tech organization, we’re proud to say that we have been delivering for millions of people right across MENA for the past 18 years.
We were founded in Kuwait in 2004, and acquired by Delivery Hero (DHER) in 2015. This gives us a unique outlook - local knowledge with global expertise. It also allows us to innovate, create, and bring new technologies for the betterment of the MENA region, such as q-commerce, sustainable packaging, cloud kitchens, autonomous delivery vehicles, robots, and drones.
We deliver across 9 countries with more than 4,500+ employees! Our food delivery business works with over 27,000 brands and almost 50,000 branches.
Our q-commerce concept, talabat mart (121 Stores), now delivers groceries to customers in Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE in 30 minutes or less!

talabat is part of the Delivery Hero Group, the world’s leading local delivery platform operating in 70+ countries worldwide

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