Delivery Hero Tech Academy
Building Delivery Hero’s next generation of software engineers.

Delivery Hero Tech Academy (DHTA) aims to increase diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Together with the Digital Career Institute (DCI), we have partnered up to develop a training program for individuals to launch their career in tech as an engineer. The program is fully funded by Delivery Hero and equips students with relevant knowledge and experience to start a career as a junior engineer at Delivery Hero.


Our Program

The Delivery Hero Tech Academy will take place in Berlin and is open to anyone who would like to learn how to code. It is tailored to people with little or no previous coding experience. Diverse or underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Program Duration

In total, the program is 9.5 months long. In the first seven and a half months, students will participate in one of two streams that focus on learning Java or Python. In the final two months, students will have the opportunity to undertake an internship in one of Delivery Hero’s backend tech teams. 

​​​​If you are selected to join the program, there is no cost for you to participate. The program is fully-funded by Delivery Hero, including the necessary equipment and systems tools you will need during your studies and trial period. You will also be paid a monthly intern salary for the entire duration of the program. We want to make your new journey is as stress-free as possible, and inclusive to the needs of all potential students. ​​​​​​​
The curriculum includes learning the fundamentals of python or java, plus other important software engineering skills such as: how to work with databases (including an introduction to SQL), how to create and use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), how to use cloud services with AWS and much more. Additionally, the program includes modules on the soft skills you need to thrive in a dynamic and intercultural environment.
All courses will be conducted online with DCI teachers, though we hope to offer you opportunities to meet in person should the conditions allow. At the end of the course, students will present a final project using the project management methodologies taught to them during the course, and will be able to add this project to their portfolio.
To be eligible to the Tech Academy, you must: 
  • Be currently based in Berlin/Brandenburg. Participants will be on a Delivery Hero SE contract during the program and legally need to be based in this area for contractual reasons. The reason for the contract is to receive the full funding during your studies.
  • Have permission to work in Germany.
Career Opportunities
Students who do well during their trial period at Delivery Hero will be considered for a permanent contract at Delivery Hero - an exciting and global workplace where your work will impact millions of customers a day in a rapidly growing industry.
  • Have minimal or no prior professional experience in coding - this program has been designed to give opportunities for those who have not had the chance to learn to code before. Those with more than 3 months of experience in another coding Bootcamp (or more than 1 semester in university) are ineligible.
  • Have a strong passion for new technologies.
  • Feel comfortable speaking and writing in English (as the working language of both the course and Delivery Hero is English). 

It is the aim of the Delivery Hero Tech Academy to provide its students with an exceptional opportunity to kickstart their career in software engineering!


Application Process

No prior experience in coding is required to join the Delivery Hero Tech Academy. Through an application process, twenty students will be chosen to participate in the program. The application period will be open from May 5th, 2021 to July 15th, 2021. We ask you to put a particular focus on your motivation letter as this will be our main criteria for selection.

Please note - the application process can take between 2-4 weeks before receiving an offer. If you are currently employed, please ensure that when you apply to the program, you have factored in the relevant notice period you may need to give to your employer in order to participate.
Competency Test
All applicants will receive a link to a gamified competency test through our partner benchmark games. This test will help us assess both the hard and soft skills required to be a successful software engineer at DH. Based on these results you will be invited to a technical interview.
Technical Interview

DCI teachers and DH engineers will assess your technical understanding potential. You will need to learn a few coding tricks
prior to the interview, that the interviewer will use a base for the assessment. It is the perfect opportunity to show your curiosity and passion to tackle problems! 

Motivational Interview
Our partners at DCI want to get to know what inspires you to change or start a career in software engineering. To better understand how committed you are to completing our program.
Value Interview
In the last stage of our recruitment process, our DH recruitment team will have a conversation with you to make sure you align with our values, as ensuring an inclusive culture is a top priority for us.

What you can expect? 



Students will be regularly evaluated based on our performance criteria to ensure they can succeed at DH.


Our tech teams will have the opportunity to guide our students in their trial period to promote integration and growth. And the teachers at DCI will offer office hours to help you when a certain concept requires more time. 


The Delivery Hero Tech Academy  is a part-time program at 25.5 learning hours per week. These hours will be a mix of classroom learning and individual learning and are spread between Monday-Friday from either 9:00-14:30 or 9:00-16:15. 


Our program is designed to be accessible for those typically excluded from opportunities in the tech industry.


Your training will be paid for by Delivery Hero. Students also will receive a monthly salary of (intern salary) brutto to allow you to focus on your studies.


Students will either learn Java or Python with a curriculum designed and approved by our Tech Teams.


To ensure a successful start in the virtual classroom, students will receive 600€ in their first month to upgrade their home office.

Christian Hardenberg, Chief Technology Officer at Delivery Hero
At Delivery Hero, we know that enhancing diversity in the tech industry matters. Diversity fuels creativity and contributes to sustainable success. The perspectives of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences enables us to solve the most complex challenges and foster innovation at Delivery Hero. We look forward to increasing representation in the tech industry in the future.”

What we offer you

Jump Start your Career in Tech

Delivery Hero is the world’s leading local delivery platform, operating its service in more than 40 countries across Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa. Your code would impact the millions of orders we process each day. 
Certification The Delivery Hero Tech Academy prepares you for a career in java or python engineering. Should you want to receive a certificate of completion, successful students will be able to use their education budget to apply for the test.
As you will be an employees of Delivery Hero throughout your studies, you will have access to our benefits that support your physical and mental-well being.

For more information, please check out our FAQ or email the team at 

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