What are the People Leader Principles?

People Leader Principles outline behaviors unique to Delivery Hero and set the foundation for amazing leadership. This defined set of leadership behaviours is applicable to all our Heroes and leveraged in our leadership development programs.
Find potential. Grow potential.
Our leaders invest time to find and nurture exceptional talent through feedback and mentorship and empathy. They take time to identify potential and challenge people to move outside of their comfort zone as they grow their careers.
Empower & trust.
Our leaders instill accountability and enable end-to-end ownership. They are well-informed and aware of the details, but empower their team to make decisions. They create trust by being reliable and consistent in their words and actions. They give team members the benefit of the doubt, and seek to clarify before passing judgement or making assumptions.
Seize the opportunity.
Our leaders operate with an entrepreneurial mindset by being creative and driving the business forward and delivering solutions. They inspire innovation by role modelling ambition and purpose and by effectively communicating a clear vision. They do not shy away from taking calculated risks. 
Embrace humility.
Our leaders always embrace a humble servant leader mindset. They promote open communication across all levels and believe everyone has something to contribute. They quickly own their mistakes and do not place blame. They are always willing to roll-up their sleeves and deliver solutions. 
Focus on what matters.
Our leaders are outcome driven and have a clear view on the priorities. They balance being collaborative and being decisive by stepping back, listening, and if necessary, by saying no. They are open to disagree and commit when aligning on a solution. Our leaders are intentional with their time and the time of others.
Be 100% you.
Our leaders are authentic and honest. They do not tolerate politics and are always true to themselves.
They are transparent and express their ideas, opinions and feelings in line with our values.
Win as a team.
Our leaders are team players and actively seek collaboration. They create a team environment where people feel fully heard and safe to express themselves. They empathize with others, and when they encounter conflict they openly and constructively address it. They make people feel part of something bigger and recognize their achievements.
Champion inclusion.
Ours leaders actively build diverse and inclusive teams. They are observant of others and use their observations to tailor their approach to each individual. They educate themselves on diversity and inclusion and start dialogues about their learnings with others.