Women at Delivery Hero


Who We Are

The  Women at DH group has the role of raising awareness about the importance of gender equity  and biases among the employees at Delivery Hero.

Everyone is welcome to the community o because we feel equality can not be achieved without  everyone’s participation.

Our Mission

The women at DH community have made it their mission to deliver an amazing experience for women, to start, support, and grow their career within the Delivery Hero Group. To achieve its mission, the community focuses on a number of impact areas:
  • Running a mentorship program for women
  • Designing and conducting inclusive training and events
  • Positively influencing the workplace culture
  • Attracting women talent
  • Tracking and monitoring progress in recruitment, promotion, and retention of women
Our Project
The Women at DH community meet every month to discuss updates from different impact areas and potential new initiatives. The members also organize Deep Dives into specific topics as well as regular social events for community building - all to create a workplace where women can thrive.
Don Draiper
Henrieke Max,
Manager Data Science
"I love engaging with the impressive women professionals and allies of the Female Heroes community. It's energizing to see the shared desire to make Delivery Hero a place where nothing holds women back from excelling. We've grown to become a reference point and sounding board to Delivery Hero's journey of advancing women in tech. Of that, I am proud."
Nadia Weannara,
Associate Product Operations
"Everyone wants to start and build their careers in a workplace where they can feel comfortable to be themselves and confident that they have equal opportunities to succeed. In line with this vision, the Female Heroes provides a unique space for women and allies at Delivery Hero to provide communal support, foster important discussions, and contribute to a more gender-inclusive workplace."
Don Draiper