Diversity & Inclusion are our Core Ingredients 

Don Draiper
A message from our CEO Niklas Östberg
"We have a vision to be an amazing place to work, and I think a diverse company, an inclusive company, is a place where people are equally treated, where people like to work, where people feel like home, and that's surely a place where we want to be, and I want to be."

Living Dive​​​​​​​rsity and Inclusion at Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero - Diversity and Inclusion Video
Our Strategy & Aspirations
At Delivery Hero, we believe that feeling like you belong at your workplace shouldn’t be a privilege -- that’s why we put Diversity and Inclusion at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to building diverse and intersectional teams that represent the unique differences, experiences and perspectives of the world. Together, we can amplify our culture to ensure every voice can be heard and appreciated. 

We may not be perfect, but we will never stop aiming higher.  Why? Because we believe that is the way to build a more equitable and inclusive world, a truly successful business, and even more amazing employee experience.

Our HeroCommunities

​​​​​​Empowering our employees to celebrate their diverse backgrounds and build strong communities is paramount to an inclusive culture. At Delivery Hero, we provide resources and sponsorship to our HeroCommunities so they can help shape the culture we are all responsible for. 
We support Muslim Heroes by providing community for those far from home, consultation on Muslims' affairs and culture, and by achieving productive inclusion within our organization. Through our celebrations around Ramadan and sharing our culture with fellow Heroes, we are creating the best working experience as one family.
​​​​​​​Our purpose is to deliver an amazing experience for women, to start, support and grow their career within the Delivery Hero Group. Everyone is welcome to be a Female Hero because we feel equality can not be achieved without the participation of all Heroes.
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