Diversity & Inclusion are our Core Ingredients 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​We deliver for our people

At Delivery Hero, we know that diversity and inclusion matter.
Together, they fuel creativity and contribute to a sustainable, thriving business. In fact, our international success is a direct result of the diversity of perspectives we bring to the table and the inclusive culture we are building.

Our D&I Strategy
We are Heroes because we care, and it means that we want to be a company where everyone feels like they belong. Operating in more than 50 countries and with our headquarters in Berlin, diversity has always been ingrained into our DNA. Our goal is to provide a space where every facet of what makes a person special can unfold. Guiding us along this journey are our three core pillars of Diversity & Inclusion for 2021 and beyond.
Niklas Östberg
CEO and Co-Founder, Delivery Hero
"We have a vision to be an amazing place to work, and I think a diverse company, an inclusive company, is a place where people are equally treated, where people like to work, where people feel like home, and that's surely a place where we want to be, and I want to be."
Sign of Proud Heroes
Promote inclusive behaviour
We want to empower our leaders to champion inclusion and encourage our Heroes to actively contribute to an inclusive workplace.
Increase representation
We aim at ensuring gender parity across the organization and at all levels – driving better business performance through increased diversity and innovation.
Enhance equitable structures and systems

Our ambition is to guarantee that every Hero has the same opportunities in the workplace and an equally amazing employee experience.

Deliver community. Join because you care

Delivery Hero - Diversity and Inclusion Video
Ana Mitrasevic, Senior Vice President, People, and Chair of the D&I Advisory Board
At Delivery Hero, it is our goal to build a company where everyone can truly be themselves, always feel welcome – and invited to the table. This means creating a workplace that celebrates people’s differences and that ensures everyone has equal opportunities to start, grow and progress in their career. We are excited to continue this journey and challenge ourselves to create this environment of belonging for all our Heroes across the world​​​​​​​.”

Explore our Hero Communities

Empowering our employees to celebrate their diverse backgrounds and build strong communities is paramount to an inclusive culture.
Muslim Heroes
Through our celebrations around Ramadan and sharing our culture with fellow heroes, we are creating the best working experience as one family.
             ​​​​​​​and Inclusion Advisory Board

Established in 2021, the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board (“DAB”) acts as an internal and external body of expertise and experience to influence and improve Delivery Hero’s D&I work.

Welcoming everyone to the table
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