Who We Are

The Proud Heroes Community at Delivery Hero started in November 2019. We are a group of queers and allies who aim to increase awareness of  LGBTQIA+ issues and related topics of interest in the workplace and create a truly inclusive culture at Delivery Hero.

We meet frequently to organize LGBTQIA+ related events, foster deep connections between members, dev, and plan initiatives.

Our Mission

Since the beginning, our Proud Heroes Community has served as a hub for LGBTQIA+ Heroes and allies alike to drive bottom-up efforts – helping contribute to a more inclusive culture at Delivery Hero.

Through their principles of educating the extended community, planning initiatives, and staying connected, our Proud Heroes cultivate a space to be who we are and fully express ourselves knowing that our differences are welcome and supported.

We STAND together, supporting one another in our unique experiences as LGBTIAQ+ people, both professionally and personally. 

We FIGHT together, advocating for change inside and outside of Delivery Hero, for safer, more welcoming spaces and advancement in LGBTIAQ+ rights and visibility. 

We DANCE together, celebrating our community, the perspectives we offer to the world, the battle's already won, and in mutual celebration of who we are.




Our Projects

Our focus is to make sure our LGBTQIA+ community has a dedicated space to meet each other, debate important issues, and celebrate our diverse identities together.
We meet virtually every other week to connect globally with Heroes who are not located at our Hub in Berlin. We also have Friday drinks every other week and celebrate important local events such as Berlin CSD in July.​​​​​​​

Don Draiper
Gustavo Amado,

Head of Display & Programmatic Marketing

"Working at a company that, not only fosters a culture of inclusivity, but openly celebrates its LGBTQIA+ community is an amazing thing. With the progess of the last decades, we might take for granted how accepted queer people are today, in our bubbles. But thinking of the shame or doubt we might have felt at some point in the past reminds us we've come a long way. Having a group of people at work that will understand your experience is invaluable. And seeing how large and diverse this group is has been eyeopening and helped me in my self-acceptance journey."
Romina Jahn,
Senior Product Specialist, EU Region
"Being part of the Proud Heroes community means that there is a safe space for our opinion, ideas and values. Seeing how Delivery Hero supports our community makes me feel empowered to share knowledge and educate others on how to be inclusive and welcoming. I also appreciate how Delivery Hero doesn't see the LGBTQIA+ cultures as an event to profit or be on social media. This community is alive thoughout the entire year and we are always considered, as well as the rest of communities inside the company."
Don Draiper

Blog Articles

Creating a culture of inclusion through HeroCommunities  
​​​​​​​Driving a culture of inclusion in the workplace is a key priority for Delivery Hero. This is represented through Delivery Hero’s core value “we are Heroes because we care.” An integral part of caring is putting inclusion at the forefront of company culture. This means being able to be 100% yourself – being valued, respected, accepted and encouraged to fully participate at work.
Don't hide your pride: at home with our Proud Heroes

​​​​​​​The motto for this year’s Christopher Street Day – Berlin’s famed LGBTQ celebration and demonstration – is “Don’t hide your Pride.” We joined members of our Proud Heroes community in their homes for a conversation about finding connection in isolation, changing relationships… and teleportation.
Showing Pride: Authenticity and community at work

​​​​​​​We sit down with three of our Heroes to discuss with them what it means to be authentic in the workplace. We spoke with Patricia Pierre, Manager of Talent Acquisition, Sascha Babaev, Category Manager of Marketing & Supply Chain, Global Procurement, and Shahinya Häckel, Specialist Atlassian Administrator, to hear their thoughts on Pride.